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Curious Film Score Mimics Quot Benjamin Button Quot

What makes Desplat membership in a new and interesting is that sa Palindrome music: many of his subj... weiterlesen
15.5.09 10:17


Beyonce Knowles Bruce Springsteen Appointed For Barack Obama Quot Inaugural Ball

.. Meanwhile, Queen Latifah, Jamie Foxx, Martin Luther King III and Denzel Washington will read pass... weiterlesen
15.5.09 10:17

Celine Dion Spiced Up Her Saturday Show At The New Orleans Arena

Celine Dion is a thoroughbred of an artist, long legs and elegant, disciplined and determined to com... weiterlesen
15.5.09 10:18

Sexy Lindsay Lohan Reflects

Here are some excerpts from that interview: About his work: It hurts me that even if the work is as ... weiterlesen
15.5.09 10:18

Danny Elfman Will Score Terminator Salvation

Elfman is the third to enter the composer Terminator universe - the music for the first two films di... weiterlesen
15.5.09 10:18

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